Court to Decide on De-certification Before Inauguration


Guam – The Supreme Court of Guam will expedite the election case regarding the de-certification of the gubernatorial general election results. The Gutierrez/Aguon team have alleged that all seven members of the Guam election commission board of directors had invalid appointments at the time they certified the election.




As PNC reported last night on news now the supreme court granted the Gutierrez/Aguon team’s motion to expedite the process. This means the court will operate on a shortened time-line. Briefs by the Gutierrez/Aguon team are due at 8:30am Monday and Calvo/Tenorio’s response is due Tuesday at 8:30am. Oral arguments for the case will be heard at ten am on Thursday which means the supreme court will likely issue a decision before the January 3rd inauguration. If the supreme court decides to de-certify the election, it will in essence spoil the Calvo/Tenorio inauguration. Calvo/Tenorio attorney Mike Phillips explains that the case before the supreme court has nothing to do with whether or not the results of the election are accurate. “There’s no allegation of such against the supreme court so it’s strictly verification so yeah the only result would be the delay of the inauguration not the cancellation it would just be a delay with regards to their pleadings before the supreme court that’s really all they’re asking for,” said Phillips.


If the Gutierrez/Aguon team is successful it could postpone the inauguration until the lawsuits they filed in the superior and district courts are tried. In both those lawsuits they allege that the results are inaccurate. Yesterday the district court remanded their case to the superior court this means that right now there is one case in the Supreme Court calling for de-certification and one case in the superior court seeking to overturn the actual results.