COVID-19 positive GMH frontliner shares her experience


As the COVID-19 pandemic rages around the globe, the risk of infection gets higher and higher each day for the healthcare providers serving on the front lines.

One staff member from the Guam Memorial Hospital detailed the experience of testing positive for the disease they’ve sworn to fight.

For about 10 days, one Guam Memorial Hospital staff member, who declined to be identified, has been having headaches, the occasional cough and shortness of breath, and even a lack of taste since contracting COVID-19.

She says she isn’t sure of how she got infected, whether it was during the rush of caring for COVID-19 patients or coming in contact with a coworker who did not have their mask on at the time.

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While she has been caring for herself in home isolation, she says she’s worried because she lives with her parents, who are both in their sixties with underlying conditions. She added that her requests to Public Health to have them tested have been denied because they are not symptomatic.

“I feel helpless, honestly. I do really feel helpless because my family is involved and I cannot get them tested. I feel like this is my fault, you know? And a front liner should never feel that way,” she said.

The staff member also expressed her frustrations about the lack of free lodging for all frontline workers and told PNC that at one point, she and her coworkers considered pooling money together to pay for hotel accommodations to keep their families safe.

Even if you say you shower at work before you go home, you still have that doubt in your mind. You’re not at peace that you won’t be carrying this virus. I think it’s important for them to organize their staff and offer that lodging. Let them have that lodging because it’s scary to bring home this virus to your family like the way I am experiencing this right now,” she said.