COVID-19 positive nurse shares her experience

Ailyn Jade Cruz-David is one of a number of nurses who fell victim to the disease.

Healthcare workers have been on the front lines of stemming the spread of the coronavirus and because of that, they’ve been the most at risk of contracting the disease.

Ailyn Jade Cruz-David is one of a number of nurses who fell victim to the disease.

But she was lucky. She was asymptomatic and only found out she was positive for COVID-19 after losing her sense of smell and taste.

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“So one morning I just wanted to know why I suddenly lost my sense of smell and taste. So I went to one of the clinics and they told me that that’s actually a new symptom of the COVID virus. So I was a candidate for the test. And after that, they called me that evening and told me that I did have a positive result. So the fear, the constant thinking of what am I going to do next? What’s my next plan? How am I going to help my family? How long will the quarantine be? Will I start showing symptoms throughout this whole time? But thankfully I only had the loss of smell and taste,” the nurse said.

She added: “I was blessed enough to not experience serious symptoms. So I was locked up in my own room. I had my own corner right outside my room with my own personal things, paper plates, disposal utensils, my own toothbrush. I had to disinfect the restroom right away and tell my family to wait about 30 minutes before they used it, just to keep them safe.”

Cruz-David remained in quarantine inside her room for the entire 14-day period. She told her story to the Department of Public Health and Social Services which provided that recording of her experience with COVID-19.