COVID Positivity Rate Still Rising

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According to Dr. Ann Pobutsky, the local positivity rate continues to trend higher when compared to the overall positivity rate.

The island-wide COVID-19 hospitalization count has increased since mid-July. ICU occupancy has also increased.

Another increase in positivity rate is for those in the 60-74 age group.

Interim Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Bob Leon Guerrero says that there is a step we should all be taking. He said, “I know there’s no mandates, but for a better part of that people should be wearing masks and that’s our message since day one.”

According to Dr. Annette David, Senior Epidemiologist at Public Health says the risk level is high, referencing a 7-day new case statistic. She added, “We remain in that high-risk level. And like I said last week, the virus really seems to have a fatal attraction for the human race. It really isn’t going anywhere.”

Dr. David reiterates for people to follow the three steps to prevent COVID, which are: getting vaccinated, wearing masks and washing your hands, getting tested and if you are positive-– speak to your doctor about getting an antiviral.

Dr. Leon Guerrero adds that Influenza A is also going around, which has similar symptoms to COVID.

It is best to get a flu shot and the COVID vaccine to decrease your risk of getting seriously ill or spreading the flu.

Dr. Leon Guerrero said, “So you can’t really tell whether it’s the flu or whether it’s COVID.”

As back-to-school season starts – Dr. Leon Guerrero and Dr. Pobutsky are recommending that parents take precautionary measures.

Dr. Leon Guerrero said, “Get vaccinated. That’s the number one thing. Get vaccinated.”

Dr. Pobutsky added, “Well, it’s almost back-to-school time. Get your kids vaccinated for anything else they need if they’re going back to school or entering school.”

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