COVID-19 Testing Will Soon Be Available at Naval Hospital Guam

US Naval Hospital Guam (PNC file photo)

Naval Hospital Guam will soon have the capacity to test for COVID-19.

“We’re close,” said Region Commander Rear Adm. John Menoni at Thursday’s internet news conference from the Governor’s Office.

The Admiral said Naval Hospital is currently setting up and calibrating an AD-7500 diagnostic system which is needed to perform COVID-19 testing.

“We anticipate that within the next 7 days, roughly, we’ll be able to conduct tests at Naval Hospital.”

Rear Adm. Menoni said that testing capability would be available to the Guam Department of Public Health, as needed.

“With all our capabilities,” said Menoni “we’re going to provide a back-stop to Government of Guam’s capabilities.”

“If the government needs something, I’m to help provide that service,” said Menoni.