COVID hospitalizations spike to 23 at GMH; 6 in ICU

(PNC file photo)

A total of 23 people are currently hospitalized at the Guam Memorial Hospital for COVID-19 treatment, up from 17 Monday.

That’s 6 more people admitted in just one day, pushing the hospital’s capacity.

Lillian Perez-Posadas, the hospital’s administrator, confirmed with PNC News that there are now 6 people in the ICU; 2 of them are admitted to emergency room ICU units and 4 are still in the Care 2 designated COVID-ICU ward. One person is on a ventilator.

There are 17 people currently in the Care 4 stable-patient ward, which is bigger than the previous Care 3 facility.

Care 4 has a 26-bed capacity, of which 17 are currently being occupied, with central cardiac monitoring system, telemetry care, PCU, and ICU capabilities, according to Perez-Posadas.