COVID increases demand for Salvation Army services


Quality Distributors has donated over $40,000 worth of food for the Salvation Army to help families in need make the most out of the holidays despite the pandemic.

CJ Urquico, Salvation Army PIO, said: “We went from serving a little of over 1,000 families a year to where we’ve surpassed 10,000 right now. So it’s a ten-fold increase from regular distributions because of COVID.”

Urquico shares that unlike previous Thanksgivings, this year’s Thanksgiving feast is out of the picture but that doesn’t mean, families in need will go without a Thanksgiving meal.

Pointing out that COVID 19 may have stopped people from gathering, that hasn’t stopped the food banks from filling up thanks to the donations from Quality Distributors.

“Most of our beneficiaries are part of 37,000 people that were either unemployed or underemployed because of the closures due to PCOR1 and the lockdown,” Urquico said.

The Salvation Army has worked with Quality Distributors for 19 years. This is the third time within the year that they have donated this amount of food — a welcome helping hand in keeping the food bank stocked even throughout the financial uncertainty of the pandemic.

“I mean, basically, our tourism industry has been put on pause right? So we’re helping a lot of those people since March. We saw this coming and we geared up and we started distributing before the lockdown happened,” Urquico said.

The donations include 10,000 lbs of rice; 4,800 cans of Tuilip Luncheon meat; turkeys; hams; paper products; assorted snacks; and much more.

These donations will be available throughout the year.