COVID vaccinations from private clinics will be free

Dr. Hoa Nguyen (PNC file photo)

Dr. Hoa Nguyen of the governor’s Physicians Advisory Group says there will be no charge to receive the COVID vaccine from private clinics.

Last year, there was confusion and controversy over whether private clinics would charge for COVID testing.

Dr. Nguyen told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo this morning that the aim is to get as many people vaccinated as possible and as quickly as possible.

To alleviate the workload for Public Health, the decision was made to allow other healthcare facilities to administer the vaccines.

Institutions ranging from medical clinics down to private practices and pharmacies can administer the vaccines but first, they have to apply.

To be accepted, they must meet federal guidelines for storage and handling of the vaccines as well as the training of staff.

Nguyen said there should be no charge at all to administer covid vaccines.

That includes any charges related to administration, observation, or scheduling of appointments.

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“There’s no cost to make an appointment to get the vaccine. I heard something like that from people but I’ll tell you, again, there’s absolutely no cost to anybody, to come into any clinic to get the vaccine,” the doctor said.

So far, FHP and the Seventh-Day Adventist Guam Clinic have applied and are currently awaiting approval.