COVID vaccinations start at DOC; 320 inmates have signed up

Department of Corrections (PNC file photo)

The Department Of Corrections has started vaccinating its inmates against COVID-19.

DOC Major Antone Aguon told PNC that so far, they’ve vaccinated 65 inmates.

Out of the 550 inmates in Hagatna, 320 signed up to be vaccinated.

After discussions with Public Health, Aguon says DOC chose to distribute the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it’s more logistically feasible.

“Because it’s just one vaccine dose. Again, remember, if we gave them the vaccines that require two doses, if we give them one dose and they’re released from our custody, how do we know they got the second dose? So it just makes it easier for the one vaccine done and over with,” Aguon said.

He added: “Our original goal is to try to get 100% of our population vaccinated. We know that’s not possible probably, that will be a very tall order, but for me, if we can have 75% to 80% of our inmates vaccinated, that will go a long way for us to possibly have visitation, opening up our visitation again for the families and the inmates, and probably open up some religious services and try to go back to some sort of normalcy that was prior to COVID.”

Aguon says that they currently have 320 doses on hand and will vaccinate 40 inmates per day until the batch is finished.

They will start vaccinations again at the Mangilao facility from May 17th to the 25th.