COVID vaccines now available at private clinics

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. (Moderna photo )

The lines at Public Health’s COVID vaccination clinics are starting to shrink as private healthcare providers begin to administer the vaccine.

Department of Public Health and Social Services spokesperson Janela Carrera says the program to partner with private facilities to administer the COVID vaccine has been rolling smoothly.

Public Health has a list of 39 partner facilities that applied to administer the vaccine.

To be authorized, facilities must meet CDC standards for the training of their staff as well as the ability to store and handle the vaccine.

Right now, 16 facilities are currently authorized.

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Among the authorized facilities are American Medical Center, IHP, FHP, and Rexall Drugs.

Rexall Drugs manager Mildred Gabriel told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo Friday morning that the vaccines have been keeping them busy.

“We are only doing appointments at this time. No walk-ins. We want to avoid all the lines like at Okkodo…long waiting we’re making only appointments,” Gabriel said.

Carrera says Public Health is happy to see a slowdown of traffic at its vaccination clinics as more and more people begin to get vaccinated at their providers.

“If they have a particular clinic that they go to, and if they’re able to avail of the vaccine there, that’s great. We encourage that. Whether it’s at Hagatna Med or AMC, if they’re able to get an appointment there, and while they’re at it, maybe they’re going in for their physical, or they need to see their doctor because they had a follow-up appointment and the vaccine is available that same day, kill two birds with one stone, that’s perfect. So that is actually what our intention was all along as well. Access to the vaccine for more of our people,” Carrera said.