Crab hunter Michael Guerrero found alive and well

    Crab hunter Michael C. Guerrero

    Guam – An exhaustive search has finally paid off. Missing crab hunter Michael Guerrero has been found and is alive and well.
    “All, Mr. Guerrero, the missing crab hunter was located at approximately 10:00 a.m.  and is in good general health,” Guam Fire Dept. Spokesman Kevin Reilly texted local news media.
    “Currently, we are assessing whether he will be brought up on foot or hoisted by the National Guard Lakota Helo.

    “The Guam Fire Department extends its appreciation to the community and agencies that provided assistance for this mission.”

    Search and rescue efforts had continued this morning as responders struggled to find Guerrero who went missing from a hunting party on Wednesday.
    “We’ve expanded our search to include north and south of the area [where] he went missing and [have been] working our way back to his last known position,” Reilly told media this morning.
    Reilly reported that 12 GFD rescuers, three family members/friends, four GPD Special Operations Division personnel, and seven affiliated volunteers had combed the cliff line and shoreline in Malojloj searching for Guerrero on Thursday and into the evening till 10:00 p.m.  “The National Guard’s aviation unit also conducted aerial searches throughout the day,” Reilly said. “However, no positive findings. The search continues today as we expand the search area,” Reilly had reported.
    Forty-five-year-old Malojloj resident Michael Guerrero is the father of nine. Reilly reported Thursday that Guerrero had gone crab hunting with a couple of other men at around 1:00 a.m. Wednesday.
    All was reportedly fine until 10:00 o’clock that morning, when the men were heading back to the trail head and noticed Guerrero was no longer with them. Guerrero’s friends returned to search for him for about six hours. Unable to find him, the remaining crab hunters finally called authorities at 4:00 p.m. Wednesday.

    “We’ve continued searching throughout the night,” Reilly told PNC on Thursday morning.

    GFD had set up two command posts, one in the area where the men emerged and the other on the cliff. In addition to GFD, the U.S. Coast Guard, Air National Guard, and Navy’s Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 were all in on search efforts.

    Michael Guerrero’s brother, Tommy, told PNC on Thursday that his brother doesn’t hunt just for sport, that Michael is also a subsistence fisher and hunter and fishes and hunts to help feed his family of 11.

    “He’s been going in and out of this trail like eight to nine times,” Tommy Guerrero said. “He’s one of those guys that likes to go fishing, his sports is hunting too and, you know, he’s been doing that for the rest of his life to feed his family.”

    Tommy told PNC on Thursday, “I just hope and pray that they really find him. There are people down there searching for him and hopefully he’s down there.”

    Again, the Guam Fire Dept. has announced that crab hunter Michael C. Guerrero has been discovered and is alive and in relatively good health.