Creating wall art through wall printing technology

Igor Kobzev checks the progress of the Design Studio Guam wall printer. (Photo courtesy of GVB)

Two businessmen who recently moved to Guam are giving back to the island community by creating wall art.

You may have seen an underwater sea world mural at the Mongmong-Toto-Maite Community Center. This was painted by two businessmen who recently moved to the island.

They used high-tech wall printing to create the mural.

37-year-old Armen Karapetian and 31-year-old Igor Kobzev are business owners of Design Studios Guam.

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In October of last year, Armen and Igor started their business to build a wall printing machine.

The businessmen ordered parts from a few places around the world such as Germany and Japan, among other countries.

The machine uses highly durable acrylic paint that is dried quickly with ultraviolet light to print high-definition images up to six-feet at a time.

The technology can print indoors and outdoors.

They have worked on a number of projects — from a 70-foot mural at a local Korean restaurant, and a large-scale wall map of Guam, to an undersea life wall mural at the Mongmong-Toto-Maite community center as an act of kindness.

Armen says the community has done many good things for him since he moved to Guam three years ago.

“We just wanted to do something good for the community. We had just started our business and we asked if we can make the lives of the people prettier,” Armen said.

The two businessmen will work with the Guam Visitors Bureau to use wall printing technology around the island to assist with village murals and beautification efforts.