Crime has Risen due to Recent Uptick in Cost of Living

Guam Crime Stoppers

The Director for the Guam Crime Stoppers, Jim McDonald shared with NewsTalkK57’s Patti Arroyo that with the recent uptick in the cost of living, more and more people have resulted in desperate measures.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more

As videos and multiple arrests have been made public to the community about recent robberies and other crimes, Jim McDonald has shared his encounters with people out in the community who shares stories of eviction and job loss because of the high cost of living, and according to McDonald that because of the hardship they slip into this depressed state which can result in unusual behavior.

Moreover, McDonald has said that the reduced pricing of drugs gives people more accessible access to things they usually wouldn’t, resulting in criminal behavior.

Jim assures us that as a community, we can help make Guam a safer place to live if we work together.

McDonald, “Please if you see something, I encourage you to please take video footage or get some information out there and submit your tips to the P3 or call GPD if its something very pressing, you know let’s not get discouraged let’s not worry about what’s gonna happen if they’re gonna release them early and all that, no do your job out there and be a good citizen out there and report all crimes so we can our community safe.”

Additionally, he advises people to be aware of their surroundings and to avoid being alone in certain places because of reports that homeless people have flocked near ATMs at night as well as other places in Guam.

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