Defense for Frank “Ko” San Nicolas presses on Cross Examination


The trial for the former Suruhanu and Port Authority officer, Frank San Nicolas, resumed today with the cross-examination of San Nicolas’s accuser — who claimed that San Nicolas allegedly sexually assaulted her 2 years ago for a “healing ceremony.”

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Another victim has come forward with the same sexual assault allegations against San Nicolas.

Frank San Nicolas sits at the Defendant’s table yet again for a second case of sexual assault allegations.

Frank San Nicolas was acquitted last December in a similar case of sexual allegations — under the guise of a “healing ceremony.”

The victim testified today that after moving from the Mainland United States, she took interest in the cultural and spiritual aspects of the island.

Through some friends, she learned more about the spiritual side of the island — the world of tao’tao’monas and the ancestors.

She then testified that she felt compelled to go to Tanguisson on the day of the alleged assault, May 16th, to “connect with the ancestors.”

That same morning, she met Frank San Nicolas for the first time.

Through cross examination of the victim by defense attorney Jay Arriola, the victim testified that she recognized San Nicolas through a friends’ Instagram post.

Later that day, San Nicolas brought the victim to a cave in Tanguisson where she claimed San Nicolas penetrated her — repeating to her that “this is good” and “this was what the ancestors wanted.”

In today’s cross examination of the victim, the defense presented Whatsapp exchanges between the victim and San Nicolas, just hours after the alleged incident.

The victim texted San Nicolas, thanking San Nicolas for the “adventure” that day.

Among other things, she went on to text, “I don’t want to be physically intimate” and “I didn’t fully express my boundaries.”

San Nicolas replied to her later that night saying, “Yes, these are the things that makes us feel that it is wrong,” and went on to assure her that the acts were aligned with spiritual practice.

The victim testified that she and Frank planned to meet the following morning so he may take her to perform another “healing ceremony” and give her a necklace that he made from shells they both picked on May 16th.

That meeting never occurred.

Instead, after telling her friends what happened at Tanguisson, she and another friend went to report San Nicolas to the Guam Police Department in the early hours of Monday morning.

The victim previously testified on another trial day that, at that time, she did not want to admit to herself that she was sexually assaulted.

This trial is still ongoing.