Crosses in front of St. Anthony statue knocked down

Thirty-three small crosses planted in front of the St. Anthony's statue in St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Tamuning were knocked down last night.
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Thirty-three small crosses and an anti-abortion sign planted in front of the St. Anthony’s statue in St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Tamuning were knocked down Wednesday night.

A church official is hoping that the act is not a statement against the church’s anti-abortion stance.

Pale’ Mike Crisostomo, who is the clergy director and pastor for Saint Anthony & Saint Victor Church in Tamuning, spoke to PNC about the incident.

Pale’ Mike says the crosses were placed in front of the statue in observance of Holy Innocents Day, when Catholics all over the world remember the massacre of young children in Bethlehem by King Herod who was searching for the infant Jesus.

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“So when we came up this morning, we noticed all of these…and we thought maybe it was an act of nature but obviously all of the crosses were put down including the sign which was bolted,” Crisostomo said.

He added: “Certainly it was an act of vandalism that we suspect. But again, I am not too sure as to what the reasons were.”

Pale’ Mike says he hopes that it is not an act against the church itself or against the church’s fight against abortion.

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“We, of course, have our Catholic Pro-Life committee that has been out there vigilant in front of Adelup. I’m not sure…again… I am not sure again. We don’t know if this is in any way retaliation against that in any way or in any form. But what we want to do is to bring awareness to our people that the act of vandalism and violence …is not a reason for it…an excuse for any of these things,” Crisostomo said.

Pale’ Mike says they have already filed a police report on the incident.