Crowne Plaza officially opens

Grand opening of Crowne Plaza Resort (Photo by PNC's Althea Engman)

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, or a nice staycation well look no further.

Regional General Manager, Thomas Mayrhofer, gave PNC the details about how the hotel and how they managed to push through with renovations despite the hardships of the Covid Pandemic.

Starting back in 2019, what was once the Fiesta Hotel was then acquired by the Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Mayrhofer told PNC that when he joined at that time they enjoyed a nice new years eve before having to shut down due to the COVID pandemic.

“We got a little blip, a little nice surprise when the Theodore Roosevelt came for quarantine. We actually reopened the hotel, filled the hotel with sailors having to quarantine. And really closed the resort at the end of May 2020,” he said.

The hotel then faced numerous challenges prior to reopening their doors.

With the biggest hurdle being supply and material shortages.

Ranging from the Vietnam manufacturer being mandated to shut down twice due to COVID, as well as some material that was coming from Italy being stuck in the ship that was trapped in the US Canal.

“But here we are and we’re truly excited to have the resort back open,” he added.

Crowne Plaza has been partially opened since November, with their Food and Beverage department opening first to serve the community just in time for Christmas of last year.

As well a few floors opening up for guests to enjoy.

Mayhofer says that, “the first opening was really for the local community to come and see what we have done. I think the response has been fantastic. I think as soon as people walk through the entrance they realize that, ‘wow Crowne Plaza is very very different then the old Fiesta was. The intention from the beginning from a design perspective was always to be the true resort in Guam. To bring this garden into the resort.”

Crowne Plaza Resort Guam officially opens – media release