Cruz Accused of Robbing Econo Mart for Drug Money; He Denies the Allegations Against Him


Guam – 28 year old Jeremy James Laitan Cruz of Dededo was formally charged on Friday with the February 6th armed robbery of the Econo Market in the NCS area of Dededo.

He is accused of Second Degree Robbery, Third Degree Robbery, Kidnapping, Terrorizing and a Special Allegation of  Possession and Use of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony.    

READ the Magistrate report HERE

According to the allegations in the Magistrate Complaint, Cruz borrowed “an airsoft pistol” from a friend in Astumbo Dededo, robbed the Econ Market, getting away with just $200-dollars. He then returned to his friend and bought a quarter gram of “ice”, crystal methamphetamine, for $150 dollars.   

Cruz denied the allegations, according the complaint.

The allegations are made by a “Source of Information” [SOI] who met with Criminal Investigation detectives 5 days after the robbery, on Tuesday February 11.   

The SOI told police that on Monday night, February 10,  he/she [SOI] visited a woman in Astumbo Dededo who told  him/her [SOI] that “a close friend to her namely [the suspect] Jeremy Cruz visited her” last Thursday and asked “to borrow an airsoft pistol” belonging to her boyfriend.  She gave the “black colored airsoft pistol to Cruz.”

The SOI said that the woman went on to tell him/her that Cruz “returned later in the evening of February 6 .. and confided .. that he [Cruz] robbed the Econo Mart … and was only able to obtain ‘a little less than two hundred dollars in cash.’

“Cruz returned the black colored airsoft pistol” and then Cruz gave her “$150 dollars in U.S. Currency in exchange for a quarter (0.25) of a gram of crystal meth amphetamines a.k.a. the drug ‘ice.'”