Cruz Asks For Transparency Amid GMH Hiring of Deputy CFO


Cruz says GMH has not published mandatory bi-weekly financial reports and staffing patterns online as is required by law.



Guam – Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz says the Guam Memorial Hospital has not been transparent and because they aren’t he’s had to request basic public information under the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA.


GMH is required by public law 31-36 to publish bi-weekly updates on it’s receivables and collections data on their official website. However, the Vice-Speaker says they haven’t done so for nearly a year. In fact they’re not even publishing up to date staffing patters which are also required. Vice-Speaker Cruz says he heard that GMH recently hired a deputy CFO but when he went online to see who had been hired but there was no transparency report online.

“You’re bleeding money you owe everybody in the world and your hiring another CFO I mean really?” said the Vice-Speaker. Cruz says that without information like this he’s not able to properly assess the financial situation at the public hospital and he’s not able to properly assess the Governor’s proposed $425 million dollar bond borrowing package.

“I don’t know how to be able to analyze this $450 million dollar deal because I don’t know how much the hospital really owes and how bad a situation it’s in,” said Cruz adding, “When I hear they’re hiring a new deputy CFO how many new employees have they put on that are unnecessary at this point when they are hemorrhaging money?”

Cruz sent the FOIA request on Friday. He says GMH’s website has not been updated with these mandatory financial reports since July of 2015.