GFD Grant Writer Authorized in 2011 Budget


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz today (August 23) sent a letter to Fire Chief Dave Peredo informing him that Cruz was able to include authorization in the recently passed Fiscal Year 2011 GovGuam budget to hire a grant writter for the Guam Fire Department.  Currently GFD uniformed personnel manage grant applications.

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Over the past few months Vice Speaker Cruz has been communication with Peredo in an effort to find a solution to the island’s chronic shortage of ambulances.  Cruz blames poor grant management at GFD for the shortage citing missed opportunities to secure funding for ambualance purchases and outright denials of grant applications.

Cruz believes having an experienced grant writer at GFD would enhance the department’s ability to secure funding and allow its uniformed personnel to focus on firefighting and fire prevention activities.

GFD Acting Spokesmand Captain Ed Flores told PNC Friday that only three functioning ambulances were servicing the island at that time.