Cruz to Pfannenstiel: Don’t Delay Missile Defense System for Guam


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz is urging Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel not to delay the deployment of the Air and Missile Defense Task Force on Guam [AMDTF].

In a letter to Pfannenstiel, the Vice Speaker warns that history could repeat itself if the Department of the Navy fails to begin constructing and operating the proposed Air and Missile Defense Task Force on the same schedule as the rest of the military buildup.

His letter was prompted by the Record of Decision’s announcement that deployment of the AMDTF would be delayed.

Read Cruz’s letter to Pfannenstiel

In his letter, Cruz quoted the Record of Decision’s assessments that the AMDTF is necessary for civilian safety and national security and questioned. And he asks if that is the case, why is the Department chosing to delay the Army’s assignment here.

The release quotes Cruz as saying: “I am compelled to remind you that previous generations on Guam suffered immensely as a result of the United States’ lack of commitment to fortify the island prior to WWII. The Japanese invasion could have been thwarted and untold suffering averted had the federal government developed their defensive capabilities beforehand. As a result of this poor planning, the U.S. was forced to abandon the island and her people for almost four years. I dread that a similar situation could transpire at a future date.”