Customs advising importers PPE supplies “may be confiscated” if needed in GovGuam’s fight against the virus


Guam Customs and Quarantine has issued notice to private businesses importing personal protective equipment (PPE) to combat the coronavirus that their shipments “may be confiscated” if needed in GovGuam’s fight against the virus.

The notice is being issued to all importers by customs and it states:

“The exercise of this authority is imperative due to the need to ration supplies for the purpose of responding to the public health emergency,” states the notice form.

Customs Director Ike” Peredo told K-57’s Patti Arroyo Tuesday morning that importers are being asked to fill out the notice forms so that Customs can track the location and ownership of all incoming PPE supplies.

The purpose of the notice is to ensure that the supplies can be found and seized, if necessary, under the current health emergency declaration issued by the Governor.

However Peredo said it has not been necessary to seize any imported PPEs at this time.

“We’re not confiscating any medical supplies,” said Peredo said that at this time “we’re just ascertaining that all these medical supplies are properly declared.”