Customs Intercepts Invasive Bugs Brought in for FestPac


The leaves were shipped in to Guam from Rota as part of the Festival of the Pacific Arts.

Guam – Invasive species almost made their way into Guam last week. Fortunately, Guam Customs and Quarantine was able to intercept the insects.

The two insects came in from Rota as part of a shipment of leaves to be used for FestPac. University of Guam Entomologist Dr. Aubrey Moore found two types of insects, the whitefly and the mealy bug.

Samples of the leaves were sent to the USDA Systematic Entomology Lab in Maryland to determine the exact species of the pest and they were able to confirm that the insects are indeed invasive and have never been recorded on Guam.

One of the insects is a palm-infesting whitefly.

The leaves were fumigated to kill all of the insects.