Customs Says More Manpower Needed for Buildup


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz held a roundtable meeting with the Department of homeland Security the office of Civil Defense and the Guam Customs and Quarantine.


The hearing is being held on the Final Environmental Impact Statement or FEIS on the Guam military buildup. The discussion focussed on the primary needs and concerns of the agencies with regards to the military buildup. Customs Chief Ralph Sgambelluri explained that customs needs more funding and more manpower for inspecting exports as well as imports. “Here we have this military buildup, they have a vast ammount of things that go through the DRMO for salvaging and then there the general public gets to bid on it and then those items get out to the streets here on Guam and then from there on scrappers and everyone else gets a hand on it and we have to do the inspection of this and there’s a vast amount of things that customs has too look at not just the imports of all the things coming in for the military buildup but also what’s exporting out of the territory of Guam,” said Chief Sgambelluri.

Sgambelluri adds that customs could also use full time legal counsel to help develop fines, fees, and other legislation that may be necessary as a result of the military buildup.