VIDEO: CNMI Report – Power, Pump Prices Cut on Saipan


Saipan – Good news for power customers and motorists on Saipan after the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. and Mobil Oil Marianas cut its levelized energy adjustment clause, commonly known as the LEAC rate, and pump prices, respectively.

CUC cut its LEAC rate by 10 percent effective June 5, following a decline in the price of fuel in the world market. LEAC is part of the customer’s bill that reflects the cost of fuel.

The new LEAC rate is now $0.29569 per kilowatt-hour, down from $0.32910 per kWh and the average residential consumer will see a decrease of about $12.50 per month on their power bill.

Mobil Oil Mariana, meanwhile, reduced its pump prices on Saipan by 20 cents a gallon at 4pm yesterday, bringing to 40 cents the total price cuts since May 8.

Regular unleaded gasoline at Mobil service stations is now $4.76 a gallon, down from $4.96 a gallon. Super unleaded gasoline now costs $5.08 a gallon, from $5.28 a gallon. Diesel, meanwhile, is now $5.12 a gallon, compared to the previous price of $5.32 a gallon.