Cuthbert Project aims to reach 400 isolated islanders


Guam –  The Cuthbert Project is an initiative to bring education to outer islands in the Micronesia.  Today, the organization’s founder spoke to the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay about his goal to reach over 400 isolated islanders.

Bill Hagen told Rotarians the idea for Cuthbert Project was formed 11 years ago when he traveled to Chuuk. The certified Archdiocesan Deacon says the initiative slowly grew and over the years.  School libraries, textbooks, and even computer labs were developed from the funds generated by the project.  Their latest goal, according to Hagen: expand the project to outer islands.

“The area we’re working on is called Namonuito,” shared Hagen. “It’s five islands. They’re all out of sight from the other. So, four of the islands have an elementary school and one has a high school. We’re hoping at one point, we can have a system where the elementary schools can feed better into the high school using modern equipment.”

Hagen says he hopes the project will continue to raise much-needed awareness on adequate education in the outer islands.