CW4 Refutes Calvo-Tenorio’s Assertion that Gutierrez is Getting Free Ads


Guam – Marianas Media Investors is challenging an assertion by Calvo-Tenorio Attorney Tom Fisher that Gutierrez campaign ads are airing on CW4 for free.

Monday, Fisher told PNC News that MMI’s political file showed the existence of a $320-thousand dollar contract between MMI and the Guiterrez-Aguon campaign to buy political time on the station. However, when Fisher looked for evidence of that expense in the Gutierrez campaign’s expense reports filed with the Guam Election Commision [GEC], he found no listing of either any expenses paid to MMI or contributions for free air time received from MMI.

Monday, Gutierrez Attorney Randy Cunliffe told PNC News that MMI had not yet billed the Gutierrez campaign for the commercials the campaign has run on CW4, and Cunlifffe said that Gutierrez has signed a personnel guarantee to ensure that payments are made, once they have been billed.

Fisher however countered that even if MMI had not billed the Gutierrez campaign, that should have been disclosed as a contribution in the campaign expense reports filed with the GEC.

Today, [Tuesday] Marianas Media C-O-O John Dela Rosa stated in an email to PNC News that one of CW4’s Account Executives had already informed Fisher that MMI’s political billing policy is “pay before play,” but the AE also informed Fisher that the policy “is not mandatory.” [Dela Rosa provided a copy of the email reprinted in full below, omitting the name of the AE.]

Dela Rosa says that this email was sent to Fisher “on the same day that he requested rates and terms for political purchases.” And the C.O.O. emphasized that “this was the first and only time he [Fisher] asked for rates and terms from our company.”

“As you can see from the email,” states Dela Rosa, “our policy is that we will accept contracts without upfront payments, contrary to Mr. Fisher’s accusation. Additionally, while his [Fisher’s]  claim is that we give free advertising and production work, even KUAM last night [Monday] acknowledged that we have contracts for airtime and production work with at least one political campaign. And that contract does outline the amounts charged to the campaign. So Mr. Fisher’s claim that we offer free advertising and production is refuted even by their own reporter.”


The email from MMI Account Executive to Calvo-Tenorio Campaign Attorney Tom Fisher: [the name of the CW4 AE was ommitted]


Our political billing structure is recommended as pay before play, but is not mandatory.  All invoices are to be paid upon delivery and signee is personally responsible for payment.  Feel free to call me with any questions.

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