CW4, PSST To Shut Down


Guam – Marianas Media, the parent company for The CW4 and Pinoy Super Showcase TV (PSST), will wrap up normal operations by the close of business on Thursday, March 31, and will cease to deliver overseas programming before midnight the following morning.

“Due to difficult and challenging financial circumstances, Marianas Media is unable to sustain business under its present model and must bring operations to a close,” General Manager Jeff Marchesseault wrote in a letter to vendors.

Marianas Media is working with associates to provide content continuity for both channels as they appear on subscription television systems.

The CW4 is seen on channel 4 on MCV and GUdTV and at 26.1 over the air on digital-capable televisions. PSST is seen on channel 162 on MCV and at 26.4 over the air.

Marianas Media owned and operated the groundbreaking digital Guam News Watch television center from March 2010 to January 2011 in order to provide fresh perspective and spur dialog on current events important to the community through broadcast on The CW4 and PSST as well as on GNW’s
official website.

The CW4 began broadcasting in June 2009 to provide Guam with another choice of quality daytime programming including syndicated shows from Sony Pictures and NBC Universal and an award-winning prime time lineup from The CW network. Throughout March 2011, The CW4 broadcast an
intensive lineup of cultural programming in celebration of Chamorro Month, in addition to its off-island programming.

PSST began broadcasting in October 2010 to provide Guam’s under served Tagalog-speaking Filipino population with free, over-the-air programming and an alternative channel on MCV’s digital cable tier.

“The board and management at Marianas Media thanks its television viewers, employees, sponsors, vendors and associates for a worthwhile expedition on the pioneering edge of the digital broadcast frontier,” Marchesseault said. “We have enjoyed a unique opportunity to be of service to the community and our investors look forward to be of continued service from this point forward.”

Marchesseault served as anchor and co-anchor for Guam News Watch from the nightly newscast’s inception until its final broadcast.