Cyber Week watchers caution consumers

Image, courtesy Lunarbunny at English Wikipedia

Guam – Every day since Thanksgiving, the world presents more means and reasons to shop the holiday season. Black Friday spilled over into Black Friday Weekend. And by this week — the following work week — deals online seem too good to pass up. The start of the week marked Cyber Monday in the states, the purported biggest shopping day of the year. But various “one day deals” online are reportedly lasting all week.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the hustle, some retail watchers are cautioning against the “feed the need for greed” frenzy.

ABC News reports Pope Francis as saying the “sickness of consumerism” is the enemy of generosity and that the pontiff reminds the faithful to give extra shoes, clothes, and groceries to the poor.

Cyber security hawks warn the season’s estimated 164 million shoppers about online scams, phishing schemes, and aggressive malware that could damage your credit and online devices.

Retail goods, travel deals, and holiday services abound this Cyber Week. If you happen to be shopping online while in the states, just know that the Supreme Court has backed up states’ rights to sales taxes for transactions online. As always, buyer beware!