Cybersecurity training prepares participants for attacks

The Offices of Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense is hosting cybersecurity trainings at its headquarters in Agana Heights. Photos by PNC's Althea Engman

The Offices of Guam Homeland Security is hosting training this week that focuses on cybersecurity, which are open government of Guam agencies, federal, and nonprofit organizations. 

These workshops are in partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, which teaches participants how to protect themselves and their agency from cyber attacks.

According to Instructor Wade McCain, after the Oklahoma bombing in 1995, the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium was created and as part of that Cybersecurity, which was added to the list of threats.

In the class individuals are taught: Essentials of Community Cybersecurity, Community Preparedness for Cyber Incidents, Understanding Targeted Cyber Attacks, and Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure.

He told the Pacific News Center that participants not only get lectures on the topic but hands-on activities, exercises, as well as visual aid in their lesson plans.

“Every community is unique, every community has their critical infrastructure they depend on like water, waste water, electrical power etc,” said McCain. “It’s all connected to the internet nowadays and that means that anybody in the world can actually get in and shut it down which can impact the community. A lot of communities make up a nation, or a state, nation, etc or an island, and we need to be prepared.”

He shared with PNC that the end goal is to be prepared.


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