1 Dead; 2 Injured After 3 Motorcycles Crash on Route 9 in Yigo


Guam – A 39 year old man is dead and 2 others are stable at GMH following a Sunday afternoon motorcycle crash on Route 9 in Yigo.

On Tuesday morning, Guam Police identified the victim as Peter D. Reyes of Chalan Pago. 

It happened on Route 9 by Lila Avenue near the Machananao Elementary School. 

That stretch of roadway was closed for a few hours Sunday afternoon while the accident scene was under investigation.


The 3 motorcyclists were members of the “Trix Seven One” motorcycle group and they were participating in the 9/11 memorial ride Sunday.

About 11 riders broke off from the large group of bikers and rode South on Route 9. Then a single rider on a Yamaha, (the victim), rode ahead of the other 11 SOUTH down Route 9, then he turned around and headed back NORTH towards the group of riders he had just left.

At the same time, 2 other bikers, one on a a Kawasaki and the other on a Susuki, started to pass a southbound vehicle. When they entered the NORTHBOUND lane they ran into their fellow biker on the Yamaha, who was heading back to join them.

[Photos courtesy GPD]

GFD Spokesman Joey San Nicolas says that Fire & Rescue responded to a 911 call of a motorcycle spill at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. He reports that 3 people suffered serious injury and CPR was being performed on one of those persons at the scene before all 3 were taken to GMH.

GMH Nursing Supervisor Celey Mongrobang says that a 39 year old man from that accident was pronounced dead at GMH at 3:45 pm Sunday afternoon. His death marks the 14 traffic fatality of the year on Guam’s roads.

The other 2 injured men from the accident are “being worked” on, said Mangrobang. They were undergoing CAT scans and x-rays Sunday afternoon. AS of Monday morning they were both in stable condition.

[Photos courtesy GPD]

READ GPD’s release on the accident in FULL below:

2:35pm, Sept. 11, 2011, Rt. 9 Machananao Elementary by Lila Ave, Yigo.

It was reported that some members of the motorcycle group “Trix Seven One” broke off from the memorial 9/11 ride,  about a group of eleven riders headed south on Rt. 9 by Machananao Elementary.

One of the riders on a Yamaha, broke from the group of eleven and continued to ride south on Rt. 9.  He later turned around and headed back towards his pack of riders.

Two riders from the pack on a Kawasaki and a Suzuki headed south on Rt. 9 attempted to pass a vehicle by entering into the north bound lane thus colliding with the Yamaha that was headed towards them.

The operator of the Yamaha was pronounced dead at GMH.  The other two riders are in serious condition. The of the victims are not being released at this time.

Guam Highway Patrol is on scene investigation the cause of the crash and interview possible witnesses.

[Photos courtesy GPD]

14 Traffic Fatalities in 12 seperate accidents to date in 2011:

        Date    Time         Type                       Location                            Village          Victim #      Cause                 

1.    Jan. 1   11:38am    Auto–Auto            Rt.1 Alupang Beach             Tamuning      1&2           Alcohol                     

2.    Feb. 21  8:14am    Auto-tree               Rt.1 Old Nissan Motors       Hagatna         3                Imprudent Driving      

3.    Feb. 22  5:35am    Auto-Ped               Rt.1 Pacific Financial          Tamuning       4               Jaywalking                

4.    Feb. 24   5:25am   Auto-pole              Rt.10 Mangilao Church        Mangilao        5               Pending                     

5.    March 3 3:40pm    Auto-building        Rt.1 Chamorro Village         Hagatna          6               Speed /Medical         

6.    April  9   1:00am   Auto-Guard rail      Rt.10 Father Duenas           Mangilao          7&8          Pending                    

7.    April 23  8:55pm   Auto-Pole              Rt. 4A                                Talafofo          9               Pending                     

8.    April 23  4:17pm   Auto-pick-up         Rt. 16 by Shell                    Harmon          10              Pending

[*    July 10    7:00pm   off-road                 Menengon Hills      11 yr old  boy killed  after of-road vehicle rolls over on him]                
                                        (NOT classiffied as traffic death because it was off road accident)

9.    July 11   12:26pm  Auto-motorcycle   Rt 4 by McDonalds              Hagatna           11            Pending                   

12.  July 17   01:00am   auto-ped               Rt 1 by AAFB                       Yigo               12             hit& run-pending

11.  July 23  11:30am   auto motorcycle    Rt. 1 & Rt. 3                        Dededo             13           pending

12.  Sept 11 2:30 pm    motorcycle            Rt 1 & Route 3                     Dededo             14           pending