VIDEO: Cyfred Appeal With GEPA Continues


Guam – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency board of directors is holding a continuation of it’s administrative hearing on developer Cyfred’s appeal of Guam EPA’s denial of their permit application to operate a waste water facility for the Gill Baza subdivision.

Closing arguments are expected today. Cyfred is asking that GEPA reconsider it’s request to install a pilot waste water system in the Gill Baza subdivision. Gill Baza resident’s won a $700 thousand dollar suit several years ago against Cyfred for failing to install sewer lines in the subdivision.

After the superior court of Guam seized 85 lots owned by the developer in 2009 to help pay for the judgment costs the company then filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in federal court to avoid the auction of it’s lots.


“Guam EPA’s stance is that if you have lots that are less than a half acre you have to connect to the public sewer system so that’s what the regulations require and that’s what we are bound by law to enforce so that was the reason behind our denial,” explained Taft adding, “It really boils down to waste water can have an impact on the northern Guam lens and our job as regulators is to make sure that that doesn’t happen and so we have certain requirements that we enforce to make sure that waste water cannot get to the northern Guam lens.”

Taft says that Guam EPA will be presenting engineers and other witnesses to explain the reason for their denial of Cyfred’s application.