Dalian Travel and Tourism Bureau On Island for Tourism Partnership


Dalian Travel and Tourism Bureau from China has a partnership with the Guam Visitors Bureau going on 13 years strong.

Guam – As partners in tourism, officials from the Dalian Travel and Tourism Bureau from China are on island this week to meet with the Guam Visitors Bureau.


According to a release from GVB, the purpose of their visit is to enhance cooperation between Guam and Liaoning. During their stay, the Dalian team will experience Guam’s unique Chamorro culture, family fun activities, and other tourism attractions in order to raise consumer awareness of Guam’s tourism offerings to Chinese travelers. In return, the Dalian Travel & Tourism Bureau will be promoting the tourism offerings of their region, specifically the Dalian Acacia Flower Festival and the North-East International Tourism & Culture week. Yesterday, a special conference was held at GVB. 
GVB PIO Josh Tyquiengco says, “We’re really excited to have them come here and experience Guam. Our team was back there in Dalian in August. This is a good relationship to cross promote our culture together, share information on tourism and have that constant flow of communication and information.”
Tyquiengco says the sister-city partnership is going on 13 years strong. He says the Dalian team will be staying for about a week.