Damage From Heavy Rains, Winds, Disrupting Transmissions From Trans World Radio in Agat


Guam – The recent heavy winds and rain have disrupted transmissions from Trans World Radio [TWR]  in Agat.


TRW is a short wave broadcaster that transmits christen radio programing into China and other parts of Asia.

A post on TWR’s blog site is headlined: “Prayer Alert: Guam TWR Site Facing Rain Assault”

It says that TWR personnel on Guam are struggling “to keep the ministry’s high-powered broadcast transmitter working amid high winds and heavy rains.”

READ the post on TWR’s blog site HERE

TWR’s electrical transformer room has been flooded resulting “in extensive damage and power outages,” states the posting, and GPA power lines to the station went down and TWR has been operating on generator power since Thursday.

The regional support services leader for TWR Asia, Daryl Renshaw, is quoted as saying “We covet everyone’s prayers – praying for God to protect our team and sustain our broadcasts into Asia with no further outages.”

Renshaw also says that  they have suffered antenna damage, lost one of their guy wires and some reflector screens have also been damaged.