Dancing Earth shares contemporary indigenous dance with Guam


“Dancing Earth” is an indigenous intertribal dance company based out of New Mexico and San Francisco.

Guam – The internationally renowned culturally conscious group focusses on environmental justice through artistic and cultural movement. The dance group is made up of indigenous people from first nations across the globe. Their mission is to support indigenous dance. They are also inspiring a renaissance in contemporary Native American performing arts.

“I select the dancers based on their ability to contribute culturally as well as creatively to our process. As well as their ability to act as conduits for the many, many stories that have been shared by elders who noticed in our work that we had strong and powerful bodies that could inspire the young people of our first nation to better wellness of body mind spirit emotions community and land,” said founding artistic director Rulan Tangen adding, “We actually have been dreaming of coming here since the beginning. The very first days of “Dancing Earth” in one of our original company members, his name is Laurence Santiago that’s a good Guahan name, he is Chamorro, half Chamorro and half Native American from our tribe of Louisiana.”

“Dancing Earth” will be performing at various schools throughout the week. They will be performing at the UOG Fine Arts theater tomorrow night and again on Thursday night at the Guam Museum from 7 to 9 pm, followed by a master class at body arts on Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm. It will all culminate this Saturday with a benefit dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.