Ex-Navy Corpsman Daniels Charged In Connection With Identity Theft Scheme


Guam – Jason Robert Daniels made an initial appearance in District Court today [Tuesday] on charges relating to an alleged scheme to use his brother’s name and social security number to enlist in the Navy as a Corpsman at Guam’s Naval Hospital and, under his brother’s name, to change the beneficiary on his Group Life insurance policy and his will to himself.

Daniels then deserted the Navy after threatening to commit suicide.

According to the indictment, Daniels is charged with aggravated identity theft, misuse of a Social Security Number, Access Device Fraud, Theft of Government Funds, Wire Fraud  and Financial Institution Fraud.

Daniels initially enlisted in the Marines in November 2005 in Troy Michigan. He was medically discharged in February of 2006. He then re-enlist in April 2007, but was again discharged in June 2007 “due to conduct and disciplinary infractions.”

In January 2008 in Detroit Michigan Daniels re-enlisted for a third time, but he chose the Navy and this time allegedly used the name of his brother Douglas and his brothers “Social Security number, without his brother’s knowledge or consent.”

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Daniels was assigned to Naval Hospital as a Corpsman in July 2008, but then discharged in September 2009 “under other than honorable conditions.”

The indictment charges Daniels with allegedly attempting to defraud the Navy Federal Credit Union by “fraudulently enlisting with the United States Navy using the name and social security number of his brother … Douglas Arvil Daniels … and opening financial accounts with NFCU”  using his brother’s name and SS number.” And for fraudulently receiving wages from the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman in the amount of $60,513.02.”

In addition, Jason Daniels, under the name of his brother Douglas, is alleged to have changed the beneficiary of his Service Members Group Life Insurance Policy in the maximum amount of $400,00 to reflect his purported brother” Jason, who is none other than the defendant himself.

Jason Daniels, under his brother Douglas’ name,  is also alleged to have changed the benificiary of his will to leave the remainder of his property to himself.

The indictment states that Daniels then deserted the Navy after telling friends he planned to commit suicide and left a suicide note at his residence.