Darwin Award Applicant Posts “Breaking the Macy Carabow Guam” Video on YouTube


Guam – A posting on YouTube overnight shows a juvenile boy breaking the horn of the overturned Macy’s carabao near the store at the Micronesia Mall. The video was removed by the user about 8:30 am Thursday morning after it was reported on K57 Radio and the Pacific News Center.

The video was taken in broad daylight.   Its not clear how the carabao came to be turned on its side. 

[Picture of boy who appeared in the video breaking the horn of the carabao]

The video was posted under the title “breaking the Macy carabow Guam”   at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bYvkciZiBo.

It was posted under the name thyth123.

Click Hear to see “breaking the Macy Carabow Guam” on YouTube  [it has since been removed]

As the video began, the teen holding the camera could be heard urging the other teen, whose face was shown in full, jumping on top of the overturned carabao and breaking its horn.

The boy on camera promptly complies, and breaks the horn of the carabao with his foot.

The boy taking the video is not shown, but his voice could be heard.

Nominate for a Darwin Award



breaking the Macy carabow Guam