GEC Says Double Vote Complaint Resolved, “No Voter Voted Twice”


Guam – Guam Election Commission Program Co-Ordinator David Chargulauf says the incident that resulted in a complaint filed by Calvo-Tenorio Attorney Tom Fisher has been resolved. “No voter voted twice,” he told PNC News, “the complaint has been resolved.”

Chargulaf received the complaint from Fisher and explained that it was an apparent mis-understanding at the Precinct between Department of Agriculture Director Joe Torres and the Precinct Officials.

Torres had gone to the Precinct to ensure that his name had been crossed off the voting register and was listed on the pre-voting list.

He called the incident, and several others like it “minor.”

Chargulauf says that the Election Commission has also received a number of other different complaints relating to lack of Precinct staff at one Precinct where there were 4 officials instead of 5, and a few Precincts that did not open on time.

He characterized the issues as minor and said that so far the election is proceeding smoothly.