Day 6 in quarantine on Guam: No reason given for transfer to Pacific Star

Buses transfer quarantined travelers to the Pacific Star hotel. (PNC file photo)

It’s Day 6 in quarantine for Joe, a passenger on the first flight back from the Philippines who was put into a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Joe and his family are settled into their new rooms at the Pacific Star Hotel but he says he’s unsure why they were moved to begin with.

He says he asked the Governor’s staff what the purpose of the move was, but wasn’t given a definitive answer.

Passengers staying at the Days Inn, were taken by school buses to the Pacific Star last night but according to Joe they weren’t even given any protective gear.

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“We weren’t given any masks. The masks and hand sanitizer that we use are personal, stuff we bought. So what is it was, we put our luggage outside our door. And all the Customs and Quarantine staff said our luggage would get to the Pacific Star. In groups of five we were being put on the bus, so they did distance us, as far as that goes,” Joe said.

Joe said this move between hotels does not reset their 14-day count in quarantine and they are still scheduled for release on April 2, at 4 a.m.

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