Day 7 in quarantine on Guam: ‘Public Health is the biggest frustration’


It’s Day 7 in quarantine for Joe, a passenger on the first flight back from the Philippines who was put into a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Joe updated K57’s Patti Arroyo this morning on what life is like half-way through his quarantine.

He said the biggest frustration throughout this whole ordeal, has been dealing with Public Health.

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“They’re consistent at being inconsistent.”

Joe and his family were moved to the Pacific Star hotel on Monday night, after being at the Days Inn on Ypao Road since last Thursday, March 19.

While the transition over to the Pacific Star was relatively smooth, Joe said it seems the schedules and structures at the new facility are unstable.

Joe said frustration is growing, as he and others quarantined ask questions but get no real answers.

“No one knows the answers when I ask. ‘We’re waiting on Public Health’, seems to be the answer to every question,” said Joe.

Food has to be delivered to every quarantined person’s room and the passengers cannot leave to retrieve food.

Joe said yesterday, they were not given breakfast until 11 a.m., creating a concern around his health.

“I take medication at a certain time and I expressed my concerns to the front desk, and they just keep saying they’re waiting for Public Health. It’s blood medication, and once I’ve missed that time frame to take the medicine with breakfast, I have to wait a whole other day to take it again,” said Joe.

Joe isn’t sure if the hotel is making the meals in-house, or if they’re brought in from outside sources.

However, he said all the food being delivered is wrapped up and placed in containers before being left for passengers at hotel doors.

“If they already knew we were going to be here and established that protocol, then it should have been all the same,” Joe said.

“Breakfast at 8 a.m., 9 a.m. is your temperature reading by Public Health nurses…[yesterday] we didn’t get that symptom-check until after 12 p.m.!”

Joe said when he asks the Adelup representatives on-site for answers, they also refer back to Public Health.

“I hope everyone [in quarantine] has loved ones bringing them some snacks. Because, I can imagine if you’re diabetic, you have to keep levels stable,” said Joe.

Joe said, on a positive note, he’s watching the sunrise in Tumon Bay and is encouraging everyone on Guam to stick this out together.

We’ll check in with Joe Passenger again on Thursday morning on K57 News Talk Radio, at 6:15 a.m.