Deacon Defends Mother Who Accused Archbishop of Molesting Her Son


Deacon Steve Martinez, the former sex abuse response coordinator for the Archdiocese of Agana, says he’s bothered that the church would call Doris Concepcion a liar.

Guam – Deacon Steve Martinez is coming to the defense of Doris Concepcion who is the latest to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Archbishop Anthony Apuron.


In a very emotional interview with PNC, Concepcion said her son, Joseph A. Quinata had revealed on his deathbed that he had been molested by Apuron decades earlier at the Mt. Carmel Catholic Church in Agat.

In response to her allegations, the archdiocese insisted that her statements were part of a conspiracy to attack the archbishop for refusing to sell the Yona seminary to cover previous debts.

“I think that’s a pretty big stretch because one, from what I understand, Doris Concepcion lives in Arizona, so she’s not even on Guam,” says Deacon Martinez.

“That to me doesn’t sound like a contrived individual. That sounds like a mother who is hurting greatly and I don’t think there’s anybody who can say that woman is lying. She’s saying from her heart what she was told by her son and it bothers me deeply that the church is calling her a liar,” he adds.

Archbishop Apuron has denied Concepcion’s allegations.



  1. I highly doubt the credibility of this mother. Of all the things to say to her and this comes up? Doesn’t make much sense to me. How about “I’m going to miss you mom”, or I’ll always love you mom”. The timing of the accusation is also questionable.

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