Traffic Accident Victim Remained On Roadway For Nearly 3 Hours


Guam – The body of the man killed in Monday’s traffic accident at Wusstig Road and Route 1 lay on the roadway for nearly 3 hours. Guam Fire and Rescue explained  that a utility-vehicle, not an ambulance, is always dispatched to pickup “expired persons.” But this morning their utility vehicle had a flat tire and another one needed to be found.

Guam Fire Department spokesman Joey San Nicholas says at 6:00 AM, GFD received a call about a possible auto pedestrian accident.

Units from Yigo and Dededo responded and upon arrival they confirmed the victim “was not viable” and then turned the scene over to the Guam Police Department. The man’s body remained on the road for nearly three hours, San Nicholas says the normal procedure is that GPD will conduct an investigation and once they are done they will call GFD to transport the body back to the morgue

San Nicholas says, “The medical examiner is suppose to take over the body once it is determined the victim is non viable at a scene, but because an absence of a transport van they referred to us. And we use our utility vehicles basically a pick up truck with a camper. And we use that to transport the body.”

According to San Nicholas, the delay of the removal of the man’s body was not due to an ambulance shortage. He says originally there was an ambulance at the accident scene but the GFD decided to use their utility vehicle to transport the body. San Nicholas says the vehicle, which is stored at the DPW compound, had a flat tire and the personal was unable to change it. He says GFD decided to go to their second truck which is located in Agana. The vehicle arrived at the scene and transported the body to the medical examiner. Why did GFD decide to use the utility vehicle instead of an ambulance?

San Nicholas says, “When its determined that there is excessive body fluids, basically if its been determined that we should not use an ambulance to transport this victim, or the person or body. Then yes we would use the utility truck. Other examples would be bodies found in a decomposed state.”

Senator Adolpho B. Palacios Chair on the Committee on Public Safety says out of the 14 ambulances that are on island, only 4 are serving Guam. Polacios says tomorrow Guam’s lawmakers will vote on bill 473, if passed into law it will free up $200,000 to maintain and repair the islands ambulances.

Polacios says he hopes this money will be released by mid December. If the money isn’t released by then, the agency will probably have to wait for the next administration to come in to appropriate the money. Polacios believes the new administration will help his Committee on Public Safety

Palacios says, ” I talk about attitude in adelup, probably with Calvo business mind and Tenorio with public safety mind probably we can see closer attention to public safety.”