Pangelinan Says Heads of BBMR, DRT & DOA Must Submit Fiscal Realignment Plans Friday


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan has issued a release saying that the Directors of the Bureau of Budget Management and Research (BBMR), the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT), and the Department of Administration (DOA) have until  tomorrow (February 11) to submit a Fiscal Realignment Plan (FRP) to his Committee on Appropriations.

In a release, Pangelinan says under Guam law, the directors of  BBMR, DRT, and DOA are required to submit an FRP as the standard procedure for addressing financial distress in the government of Guam.

Read Pangelinan’s Letter to the BBMR, DRT and DOA Directors

Read Pangelinan’s letter to Governor Calvo on the issue

The release goes on to say:

In his letter to the Directors, the Senator states, “Over the past month there has been a slew of media reports driven by the Executive Branch regarding a fiscal crisis the government of Guam is facing… to my knowledge, there has yet to be any proposal from the Executive Branch to modify the Budget Act (of 2011).”

Senator Pangelinan has reached out to the Administration on several occasions, providing solutions to mitigate the proclaimed financial crisis. Rather than respond directly, the Governor continues to confuse the public and destroy the morale of public servants without offering any concrete implementable solutions other than to cancel the budgeted Hay Study pay raises.

The Senator says, “There seems to be plenty of discussions regarding shortfalls but never any discussions on how to pay for the unbudgeted health insurance and court-ordered deposits. Signing the Programmatic Agreement is certainly not the answer to our short-term financial distress nor is it something that I think can gain the support of my colleagues.”

Senator Pangelinan stated in his letter to the directors,  “Without regard of the fact that the pay raises were already budgeted by law”,  the Governor cancelled the Hay Study pay increases for the employees of the Government of Guam without ever providing any specific justification or submitting an FRP.