Deadline lapses for officials to file financial disclosures

GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan (PNC photo)

Tuesday was the deadline for public and elected officials to file their financial disclosure forms with the Guam Election Commission.

This year, the commission expects 117 submissions from various officials across GovGuam. So far, the majority have complied with the requirements.

As of Tuesday afternoon — a day after the deadline — 114 forms have already been collected by GEC. But there are still three officials who remain non-compliant with the law.

GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan spoke with PNC about the filing deadline.

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“The law requires that public officials — that includes elected officials, directors, any administrator — that by their signature is the sole authority to contract or buy or procure for that agency …those are the people that are required to file plus elected officials. We have on our count about 117 of public officials that need to file,” Pangelinan said.

According to Pangelinan, it is the prerogative of the election commissioners to act on the non-compliant public officials.

“When the commission meets, they can decide to submit their name to the Attorney General,” Pangelinan said.

Public officials, including elected officials who were in position by April 22, are required by law to submit their disclosure statements by that date. If not, they would have to file an extension which will allow them to submit their forms until Oct. 19, which is the end of the 180-day extension.