Deadly Saturday on Guam’s Roadways – 2 Killed in Separate Traffic Accidents


Guam – A 16 year old boy and a 72 year old woman died in separate traffic accidents Saturday. Their deaths mark the 9th and 10th traffic related fatalities of the year on Guam. There were 15 deaths on Guam’s roadways in all of last year.

Guam Police Spokesman Officer A.J,. Balajadia reports that the 16 year old boy was pronounced dead at Naval Hospital at 10:18 pm Saturday night following an accident on Route 4A that was reported at 8:55 pm. He was the 9th fatality of this year.

The 10th victim was a 72 year old woman who was pronounced dead 32 minutes later from injuries she sustained in an earlier accident on Route 16 in Harmon.

Route 16, Harmon 10th FATALITY – Auto- Pick-Up:

The 72 year old woman was a passenger in a 2007 Honda Civic which collided with a 1988 Mazda B2200 pick-up on Route 16 by the the Shell Service Station at 4:17 pm Saturday afternoon.

Four people were in the Honda. The man driving it was not injured. The 3 others, a female passenger in the back, along with a 2-year-old girl, as well as the 72 year old woman,  were all transported to GMH.

GMH Nursing Supervisor Bill Toves told PNC News that the 72 year old woman, who was in critical condition when she arrived Saturday afternoon, died of her injuries at 10:50pm Saturday night.

Officer Balajadia reports that the Mazda pick-up was traveling north on Route 16 on the inner lane towards Micronesia Mall. The Honda Civic was traveling south on the middle lane towards the tunnel.

Guam Highway Patrol is looking into the possibility that the lone male operator of the truck failed to yield, says Officer Balajadia, and it then collided with the Honda, when attempting to make a left turn into the Shell Service Station.

The driver of the Mazda pick-up, 51 year old Kurtis Ferreira, was arrested at the scene on a previous outstanding traffic warrant of arrest.

This accident remains under investigation.

Route 4A, 9th FATALITY – Auto Concrete Power Pole:

Although this accident happened Saturday night, after the Saturday afternoon accident, the 16 year old boy who died, died before the woman injured in the afternoon accident.

The call on this accident came in at 8:55pm Saturday night.

[Photo courtesy GPD Officer A.J. Balajadia]

GPD Spokesman Balajadia reports that a 2003 Nissan Altima heading south on 4A towards Talafofo struck a concrete power pole near the Onward Golf Resort. 3 teenage girls and 3 teenage boys were inside. All of them were under the age of 18.

[Photo courtesy GPD Officer A.J. Balajadia]

One 16 year old boy was transported to Naval Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:18 pm by a “Doctor Barabos,” said Officer Balajadia. The 5 other minors inside the vehicle were transported to GMH.

GMH Nursing Superviosr Bill Toves told PNC News that the 5 teens were all in stable as of Saturday night.

[Photo courtesy GPD Officer A.J. Balajadia]

Balajadia said that the impact of the collision between the vehicle and the power pole was serious enough to snap the 8′ wooden cross arm attached to the concrete pole. GPA crews were on site to assess the damage Saturday night.

[Photo courtesy GPD Officer A.J. Balajadia]

Guam Highway Patrol continues their investigation into this accident as well.

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10:18pm, April 23, 2011, the 16-year-old male that was transported to Naval Hospital was pronounced dead by Doctor Barabos.

-AJ Balajadia
Guam Police Department Spokesperson

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