VIDEO: Human Remains, Vehicle Found In Harmon Jungle


Guam –  A death investigation has been launched after human remains were found in the jungle area of the Harmon Cliff Line last night.


According to Guam Police Public Information Officer A.J. Balajada the remains were found by people walking in the jungle at about 5pm.

 A green GMC wagon was pulled from the same area of the jungle Friday afternoon. The vehicle and its license plate match the car last driven by Daniel Cobb, a 55-year old man who was last seen leaving the American Dialysis Center in Harmon July 13th.

 The remains have not yet been identified and Guam Police Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia says its too early to determine if the discovery of the vehicle and the remains are connected.

 “It’s still too early the investigators still need to connect all the dots just to make sure that who they believe this may be is actually that person,” said Balajadia.

 With no flesh remaining on the bones medical examiner Dr. Auerlio Espinola told PNC Friday that it will be difficult to determine the cause of death. He said dental records could be pulled to verify an identification and if that doesn’t help Medical Examiners determine who the remains belong to Dr. Espinola said DNA profiling could be used. Espinola said it will take a long time to identify the remains.