December Trial Set For Mother Accused of Attempted Murder


The one-year-old victim was initially placed on life support and had to undergo major surgery. 

Guam – Trial has been scheduled for the mother who’s accused of trying to kill her one-year-old son.


Crissy Jean Manley, 32, was in court today for a criminal trial setting. Judge Arthur Barcinas set jury selection and trial to begin on December 14.

Manley was indicted on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, family violence and child abuse. Last month, the victim was rushed to the Guam Regional Medical City because his parents claimed he choked on a coin.

But because of other injuries seen on the baby, doctors contacted police. Police say the parents admitted to burning the baby with a lighter and the stepfather, Joe Bautista Duenas, also told police that he witnessed Manley choking her baby.

Duenas was charged with aggravated assault, child abuse and family violence. He was not charged with attempted murder.

The mother of the boy is still being held on $500,000 cash bail.