Decolonization commission exploring options in wake of Davis ruling

Commission on Decolonization executive director Melvin Won Pat Borja (PNC file photo)

After the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals released its ruling against Guam in the Davis case, the Commission on Decolonization said they are exploring different options on how to proceed with Guam’s quest for self-determination.

Commission on Decolonization executive director Melvin Won Pat Borja told Newstalk K57’s Phill Leon Guerrero that the government and stakeholders will be conferring on which direction to take but that one thing certain is the desire to address Guam’s political status.

“We continue to be shot down at every turn but it does not change the fact that our people have this desire within them to be self-governing. We have the desire to address our political status. That is the thing that I anticipate will happen in the coming days — our administration will meet with the AG. We will meet with the legislators, and we will try to navigate forward. Now, what that is going to look like, I can’t say just yet,” Borja said.

He added: “So whatever decision that may be, you know, whether it means that we pursue an appeal or go down a different path, I think the important thing is that across the board, our leadership is committed to resolving our issues with political status. And despite this obstacle, this most recent hurdle, it doesn’t change our desire for political status.”

This recent circuit court decision marks the second time that the courts have ruled against Guam in this case.