Decolonization Committee Lacks Quorum; No Funding For Political Status Education Campaign


Guam- Decolonization Committee members had to cancel their meeting today [Wednesday] at Adelup because they lacked a quorum. Executive Director Ed Alvarez and Senator Rory Respicio did not attend because of other commitments.


Members were supposed to give an update on the Independent, Statehood and Free Association task forces. They were also supposed to agree on a format for position papers on immigration, the military buildup, globalization and other issues.

Decolonization Committee member Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua says they’ve been working the last couple months to create a format for updating those papers. He notes the position papers were last updated 13 years ago when the commission was last active.

“Each status is supposed to make their argument for how this topic is affected by our status. So these position papers are really, really important in terms of getting the process started, getting an educational campaign started,” said Bevacqua.

Funding is also another issue for the committee. Bevacqua says there is no money for the public education campaign to educate voters on how the three status options will affect the island.

Meanwhile, Bevacqua says he recently took a trip to Okinawa with Executive Director Ed Alvarez to discuss the question of political status. He mentions the colonial histories between Guam and Okinawa are very similar and Okinawa wants to learn how to improve its own political status as well. He hopes to have Okinawan representatives come to the island in the near future to exchange ideas with the Decolonization Committee.

No word yet on when the commission will reschedule their meeting.