Decoy Ducks Afloat in Pond Created by Water Leak


Guam – A PNC News follower,  with a wit,  set a few decoy ducks afloat in  a pond created by a water leak that has gone un-repaired since last Wednesday.

The leak is located in Dededo, in a vacant lot, at the corner of Marine Drive and Aga Blvd, about a block from Wusstig Road.

The resident believes it is a GWA leak and notified the utility Thursday morning, 4 days ago. But the resident complains nothing has been done to repair the leak yet.

“Sunday we thought we’d put out some duck decoys and maybe attract a Marianas Mallard,” writes the resident. “No luck on that though and the flow goes on.”

GWA Spokeswoman Heidi Ballendorf told PNC News Monday morning they’re checking into it.