Dededo mayor wants more government assistance to address illegal dumping

Cars, refrigerators, and washing machines were among the many illegally dumped items found in a residential area in Dededo.

Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares believes more effort from the government will help stop illegal dumping.

In an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, Savares talked about the island’s illegal dumping issues and possible solutions. One of them included what the government could provide with the available funding.

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“The government continues to enable people to illegal dump. Why? Because we’re going to pick it up. But if we provide facilities that are close enough, like I said, by region. You know … like recycling facilities or even a cottage industry using recycled trash,” said Savares who is also the president of the Mayors Council of Guam.

She added: “You know, we have so much of this. Let’s start a new cottage industry and teach people. Inmates get out and then go back in because they have no job. But if they know how to stuff with their hands with the trash we have around … We, as a government, keep enabling people because when they dump, we pick up! We just need to start fining them.”

Even with the ideas, funding, and government help, Savares believes that it’s also the island community’s responsibility to help with the solutions to actively look for and utilize the services provided.

Just recently, all members of the 35th Guam Legislature approved to increase the allocation to the Mayors Council of Guam for the Recycling Revolving Fund.

The mayors are expected to receive $1.4 million for waste removal projects and services in the island’s 19 districts.